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Your donation will be used for the marginalised communities and to improve their situation. We accept all types of donations-school supplies for children, office supplies, books for library, and any other materials that are in good condition for the underprivileged people in the slum areas.


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International Donations (outside of India)
Bank: Union Bank of India
Acct. Number: 301402010007078
Branch: Sundari Mohan Avenue
ISFC Code: UBIN0530140
MICR Code: 700026008
Branch Code: 530 140
Bank Adress: 33/1 Dr.Sundari Mohan Avenue, Kolkata-700 014

Local Contributions/Donations (India)
Bank: Central Bank of India
Acct. Number: 1141206378
Branch: Park Circus
IFSC Code: CBIN0281041

All donations to Tiljala SHED are exempted from Income Tac under sec 80G (50% exemption).

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Our Mission & Values

Empowerment of the most marginalized especially women and children that promotes cohesive peoples action to enable them to assert and realize their human rights.

Relevant: We are a learning and adaptive organisation, responsive to the changing social, economic, political, and environmental background.
Positive Attitude: We believe that change is necessary and possible. We believe that Tiljala SHED is an effective agent of change
Upholding Human Rights: We strive to defend and promote the human rights of all beneficiaries across all our programs.
Teamwork: We work collectively, sharing responsibility and skills, to achieve the optimum outcomes for our beneficiaries.
Accountability: We are committed to delivering results and ensuring full accountability.
Transparency: We make internal and external stakeholders aware of the organisation’s overall functioning.
Professional Approach: We foster a professional attitude- high ethical standards, team work, loyalty, and honesty. We ensure professional management, promoting quality and competence, accepting challenges, and building capacity.
Hard Working: We go beyond the call of duty to achieve our organisation’s vision and mission.
Integrity: We conduct ourselves honorably in all our actions with truthfulness and respect.
Inclusive: We ensure that the beneficiaries are stakeholders in their own development. We are inclusive in our programs and policies. We embrace diversity in the workplace and field in which we demonstrate mutual respect.

Who We Are

Tiljala SHED was created in 1987 by a handful of youth from Tiljala realizing the needs of the people living with misery, suffering, and hardship in their day-to-day fight for survival, struggle, identity, and dignity. It was formally registered in 1993 and it was also successful in obtaining FCRA in 1994 and other legal registrations in the following years. All legal compliances are up to date and reflected in public domain and can also be found in the website of the Home Ministry, Govt. of India. In the late 1990s government granted a proposal on rehabilitation of street children from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. India and anti-child labour program, supported by Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India. Slowly and steadily Tiljala SHED expanded its areas of operation to other parts of Kolkata where people are suffering from vulnerability and hardships.

Brief History of Organization-
Tiljala SHED is a non-religious, non-political grassroot level non-government developmental organization working for the underprivileged and marginalized people of Kolkata especially the Rag Pickers community which have been neglected and socially ostracized by the civil society. Tiljala SHED seeks to empower and transform the Rag Pickers from the life in rags into a kingdom of sunshine. Apart working for the Rag Pickers development, Tiljala SHED also works hand in hand with various other groups and communities who are vulnerable and marginalized especially women and children.

Tiljala SHED is currently running two shelter homes- one for working and street children in Park Circus and the other is a new residential shelter home in Bhangur (South 24 Parganas) for the children from Rag Picking families and who have been involved in drugs, crimes, abuse. Currently 25 children are staying in this home and our team has been continuously working on their overall development.

Tiljala SHED also works strongly for the cause of women and run women empowerment programs through educational projects which have brought changes in the life of the women. However, we still have a long way to go. To be able to change the typical stereotype mindset of Indian men, we need continuous efforts to change the current situation. The organization’s grassroots strength, perseverance, and impact have gained both government and international recognition over the past three decades of its operation, with many of the projects being sponsored or co-sponsored by external agencies (Misereor, AIDOS, Citi Bank, Columbia University).

Tiljala SHED has also been involved in many skill building and upscaling of women projects like sanitary napkins, stitching, beauty training, beads, bag making, etc. We are committed to empower the female gender through skill building and upscaling of income so that they become independent in the society. Financial empowerment of the women brings respect in the family. We are committed to the cause of the women empowerment and we strongly believe that the role of men in the empowerment of women is vital.

Tiljala SHED aspires to bridge the gap between the affluent and the marginalized and reaches out to those who want to make a change in their lives and in the lives of those who have been historically neglected in our society. Tiljala SHED has successfully completed 31 years of service and continuously explores ways to bring in effective governance within the organization.

Objectives/ Goals
– To rehabilitate rag pickers and other urban poor engaged in hazardous employment into mainstream.
– To rehabilitate high risk rag pickers, homeless, and underage working children through institutional care.
– To develop a culture that will create an environment where education becomes a primary goal and a possibility for the marginalized.
– To increase participation of women and youths in leadership and decision making in households, their communities, and national levels.

Accomplishments in the past:

Past Year Objectives
– To bring sustainable change in the lives of urban/rural poor through participatory governance.
– To bring sustainable development in health, nutrition, education, and protection of children, adolescents, and women in need.
– To restore the basic rights of the children through social participation, community awareness, direct welfare activities, and advocacy at the policy making level.

Past & Current Year Achievements
– Achieved more than 90% hospital birth delivery among the rag pickers community compared to less than 50% three years ago.
– Achieved more than 90% in immunization coverage (0-5 years children) among the rag pickers community compared to less than 40% three years ago.
– Achieved more than 50% legal entitlements such as voter, pan, and ration cards for the rag pickers community who are not recognized by government agencies. Through persistent advocacy and lobbying, we were able to convince the bureaucrats that the rag pickers community has human rights which need to be acknowledged.