Our Mission & Values

Empowerment of the most marginalized especially women and children that promotes cohesive peoples action to enable them to assert and realize their human rights.

Relevant: We are a learning and adaptive organisation, responsive to the changing social, economic, political, and environmental background.

Positive Attitude: We believe that change is necessary and possible. We believe that Tiljala SHED is an effective agent of change
Upholding Human Rights: We strive to defend and promote the human rights of all beneficiaries across all our programs.

Teamwork: We work collectively, sharing responsibility and skills, to achieve the optimum outcomes for our beneficiaries.

Accountability: We are committed to delivering results and ensuring full accountability.

Transparency: We make internal and external stakeholders aware of the organisation’s overall functioning.

Professional Approach: We foster a professional attitude- high ethical standards, team work, loyalty, and honesty. We ensure professional management, promoting quality and competence, accepting challenges, and building capacity.
Hard Working: We go beyond the call of duty to achieve our organisation’s vision and mission.

Integrity: We conduct ourselves honorably in all our actions with truthfulness and respect.

Inclusive: We ensure that the beneficiaries are stakeholders in their own development. We are inclusive in our programs and policies. We embrace diversity in the workplace and field in which we demonstrate mutual respect.