Education Program

The Gyan Azhar Library:
Objective: To provide access and extension of education and recreation facilities to sponsored and non-sponsored girls and women. 

AIDOS, an Italian donor, supports the operation of this Girls’ Only Facility located in the Tiljala slum. The library offers a welcoming space for girls to socialize, study, borrow books, and use the computers. This is considered a safe haven for all girls in the community, not just the girls who are sponsored by AIDOS but for girls who wish to study but currently live in disruptive, poorly lit, and often crowded patriarchal homes. Couple with that, dance classes and other social training courses are held at the library.

The Gyan Azhar Library offers a range of services to destitute girls and is extremely popular with them. It is located inside a slum and so is easily accessible to those for whom it is meant. The library membership is nudging 700 and it is one of the busiest places in its neighborhood. It has both books and Internet facilities. Plus, there is space for a reading room, indoor games and for holding classes for vocational training, motivation, self-defense and spoken English. Such is its popularity that the library complex needs to be expanded. We are in the process of housing it in a proper building with all modern facilities so that there is no shortage of space. We are also planning to introduce many properly structured vocational courses. A spinoff: the library has created jobs for those who run it.