Volunteer with us !

Why Volunteer ?

– Help those in need

– Make a difference

– Contribute to a cause you believe in

– Change people’s lives for the better

– Become a part of a community

– Utilize your expertise for those who would benefit greatly

– Contribute to United Nations sustainable development goals

Personal Gain

– Develop new skills

– Real word experience

– Career & resume builder

– Make unforgettable connections

– Learn a new language

– Education & new perspective

– Get Inspired

– Meet new people

– Impress your parents!


Volunteer Areas

– Fieldwork Experience (engaging with community)

– Fundraising

– Health & Nutrition

– IT Development/Support

– Marketing (online support)

– Networking & Communication (preferred expertise)

– Office Work (incl. organization, documentation, financial, reporting, Human Resources, etc.)

– Teaching English

How to volunteer ?

The best way to volunteer would be to get in contact with Shafkat Alam through contact@tished.org with subject Volunteer. Shafkat will provide information on all aspects of the volunteering process from accommodation, insurance, health, program, community, and more! He will support you through your entire volunteering journey from start to end.