About Us

We believe change is possible… and that the most marginalized communities can be free from exploitation and live in dignity, equality, justice and peace

Tiljala SHED is a grassroots organisation established in Kolkata in 1987 by Md Alamgir.  The organisation works amongst vulnerable and marginalised urban communities including the rag picking communities of Topsia, Park Circus, Narkeldanga and Tangra where thousands of families live in makeshift shelters alongside the canals and railways.  These populations are largely illiterate, often without personal identification and work in informal industries like rag packing, chappal (sandal) making and vegetable selling.  Tiljala SHED supports the communities through health, education, livelihood training and encouraging collective action to create access to government schemes. Many of Tiljala SHED’s interventions are focussed on children at risk of dropping out of education, street dwellers and child labour. Our activities include rehabilitating child labourers, girl sponsorship, open shelters and a children’s home.