Rights & Entitlements Program

Kolkata National Child Labor Project
The project seeks to take children out of child labour. Over the last five years it has taken care of 50 children who have been performing hazardous jobs. It takes about three years to “mainstream” a child so that the child can lead the life that other children do. The program is currently working on its third batch.

Success rate: 80 per cent of the children who have so far come under the project have been mainstreamed. How did we do this? Every child gets Rs 150 per month in their personal bank account, is able to have cooked meals, gets medical attention when needed and is trained in vocational skills which can earn them a livelihood when they grow up. The project seeks to reach out to the wider community by creating awareness through media campaigns on the evils of child labour. The program is supported by Ministry of Labour, Government of West Bengal.