Emily Morin

Emily-Business Professional
During my 2 ½ weeks with Tiljala SHED, I was working closely with the volunteers and the Corporate Liaison Manager, Shafkat, on many strategic initiatives within the organization. My tasks included many things, from IT, working on reports, questionnaires, performing interviews & writing success stories for the women empowerment program, and spending days in the field working with the women and children in the slums.

Tiljala SHED is certainly a company who truly makes a difference on the overall development of the Rag Pickers and other communities living along the railway lines and under flyovers. Their positive impact on the slum population and the vulnerable communities is truly reflected in their work. They are a driven, passionate, and ambitious team who truly put the needs of the vulnerable first. The women and children are their top and most priority and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this team during my volunteering time. By the end of my volunteering, I was hoping I would have a greater insight on the lives of others, learning a great deal about an entirely different country and its economy, and how an NGO truly impacts their community. I am leaving with all the things I was hoping to understand and learn but I am also leaving a slightly different person than when I first arrived.

Thank you Tiljala SHED for everything that you do, I’m happy to know my time was utilized to its full potential while I was in Kolkata. It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling committing my time and energy into a company that shares the same values and objectives as I do.