Community Library and Information center

The Community Library and Information Centre is a new ray of hope for the destitute girls. It is a new direction and guidance for the girls. All these years the girls who have been unaware of the professional world are now much more aware and knowledgeable because of the easy accessibility of the internet and availability of a wide variety of reference books. The location of the Library could not have been in a better place than the present location as it is situated inside a slum and is within easy reach of our beneficiaries. Though there are some shortcomings of the Library and there a lot of things which needs to be added or upgraded. The Library still stands tall and is catering to hundreds of destitute girls. The Library has been functioning since 2008.Through our interactions with the community we came to know that there was a dire need for a Library in the slum with all the modern facilities including the internet. All thanks goes to AIDOS and La Feltrinelli (Italian Bookshop) for extending their support for making this dream come true. The library is not just a place to come and borrow the books or browse through the internet but a place of mental relaxation as well. The member of the libraries comes from nearby slums, squatters and pavements; the size of their dwelling place is very small and congested hence a visit to the Library is like a paradise to these girls. Some students spend more time in Library from morning to evening than in their houses.

One of the principles of the Library is that all the staff members are sponsored girls supported by the AIDOS project. The sponsored girls have become the librarians and they are running the project very efficiently. With their meager salary they are able to contribute some financial help to their family. These young girls have been empowered and will be the leaders of tomorrow in their community. They have been widely accepted in the community and even respected in their own families. The girls are constantly been counseled by the senior staff members of Tiljala Shed to move ahead in life. However there is a need to give some training for understanding the Library work. The Library-cum-intemet hub has now become one of the busiest centres in the locality. On weekend there is a big rush in the Library and it becomes unmanageable. There is a long queue for the computers and other services of the library. So, there is a need to expand the services of the Library to make it more accessible to a large numbers of girls who miss out because of space constraints. After consultations with the Library members we collected some needs which are essential. The members strongly advocate that like other professional libraries in the city the Library should start an English speaking course as most of the members cannot converse in English. The members also suggested introduction of vocational training courses like beautician course, stitching, paper bags, candle making, hand made greetings card etc. to enhance their chances of a livelihood vocation.